Welcome to City & Suburban Waste Services
Welcome to City & Suburban Waste Services

Pay As You Throw Bag Services

We offer a range of pay as you go bag services to help your business save space, time and money.

We operate a daily collection service and can collect multiple times per day.

We also collect within time band restrictions across boroughs in London. Please see our coverage map here for availability

Dry Mixed Recyclables

All mixed plastics, cardboard, papers, magazines, metal cans & tins can be recycled in this one bag.

Mixed Glass Recycling

Anything glass, of any colour can be recycled in this bag.

Cardboard Recycling Stickers

If you have bulky boxes that need collections, find out how our simple and efficient sticker service could save you time and money.

Food Waste/ Organics Recycling

Most businesses will inevitably produce some food waste. It's cheaper and better for the environment to let us recycle it for you.

General Waste

For any material that cannot be recycled individually, we will collect in general waste bags and convert this into a bio-fuel.

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