Our one off clearance service allows you to easily dispose of bulky items. Some examples of
collection sizes are below. Choose how much you need us to remove.

Our rapid response team will often have someone on site same day. As always, you can pick the most
appropriate service to suit you and be confident we will recycle up to 100% of your waste.


Single Item (Minimum Charge)

Similar in size to;
Office Chair / Dishwasher / Domestic Fridge

Small Load (Quarter Van – 4 Cubic Yards)

• Includes 30 minutes labour
• Similar in size to
25 Sacks of Waste / 6 Household Wheelie Bins

Medium Load (Half Van – 8 Cubic Yards)

• Includes 1 hour labour
• Similar in size to;
Builders Skip / 50 Sacks of Waste / 12 Household Wheelie Bins

Large Load (Three Quarters Van – 12 Cubic Yards)

• Includes 90 mins labour
Similar in size to;
75 Sacks of Waste / 18 Household Wheelie Bins

Full Load (16 Cubic Yards)

• Includes 2 hours labour
• Similar in size to;
2 Builders Skips / 100 Sacks of Waste / 24 Household Wheelie Bins

Call us to discuss on 0208 642 4762, alternatively send us a picture of your waste here and we will be in touch with you shortly.